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Arab Culture & Civilization

Explore this exemplary library of articles and resources on Arab societies and culture. This site was originally created by the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE).

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The Middle East: More than Camels, Oil and Bombs

It is ironic that the United States and the Middle East have so much to say about one another, and yet know so little about each other. Americans rarely study the Middle East in depth in school, and the media rarely goes beyond the headlines of the day to look at the complex cultures, histories and viewpoints of the countries of the region.

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Stereotypes of Arabs, Middle Easterners and Muslims

This essay discusses how stereotypes of Arabs, Muslims and the Middle East are used in editorial cartooning while also giving some real facts that dispell the stereotypes.

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The Media and the Middle East

This essay looks at how most of our information on the Middle East comes from the news media and entertainment industry. Unfortunately, these sources often lack information or the capability to give us the whole picture. It can also lead to developing stereotypes.

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Women in Muslim History: Traditional Perspectives and New Strategies

This short essay by sociologist Fatima Mernissi, a prominent sociologist from Morocco, is a survey of Islamic texts on women.

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Venn Diagram: Arab, Muslim and/or Middle Eastern?

Students will create Venn diagrams that distinguish between the categories Arab, Muslim and Middle Eastern.

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Exploring Stereotypes with "Aladdin"

This versatile lesson can be used with classes from middle through high school to enable students to understand how stereotypical images and assumptions can be buried in the most common and innocuous-seeming social artifacts. Classes will use the Disney film Aladdin as a vehicle for uncovering and discussing the effect of stereotypes in society.

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Arab, Muslim or Middle Eastern?

A Slate.com article critiques a New York Times article that confuses the categories of Arab, Muslim and Middle Eastern. This essay further examines each of those categories in more detail.

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